Tinder Online

Year after year, new dating sites flood the web. More and more singles are taking the leap of online dating, to the point that it becomes, today, the easiest and most effective way to find love, anywhere in the world.

Tinder is the leading dating website and app. Launched in 2012, it was initially an application reserved for smartphones and tablets. Recently, it is also possible to use Tinder via your web browser.

On Tinder, the user will scroll through user profiles, based on gender, age and, most importantly, geographical position. The user can “swipe” on one side or the other of the screen if he likes the profile presented or not.

When two users have a reciprocal “like” (a “match”), they have the option to communicate via the app. Tinder is very easy to use in its free version, which allows to “like” up to 50 people per day. However, you can subscribe for a premium account to access to additional features. Singles, to your smartphones!

Welcome to the Official Tinder Online Dating Site!

Tinder prides itself (rightly) on having revolutionized the way web dating works, making the process simple, fast and uninhibited. Nothing like to be unanimous with young people, perpetually in search of sex and love.

But Tinder is above all the first online dating agency apart. This is the first to have surfed the wave of smartphones to propose a different model from those already existing. Others have followed this step, but never with so much success. Guys, if you aspire to meet people on the internet, which is more young girls without a fuss, or easy (!), Tinder is one of the few platforms to offer you this opportunity.

How does Tinder work

Its features are so rudimentary that they allow you to visit profiles one after the other in record time, and sort those that appeal to you in a single swipe!

It is therefore necessary to use the application well to stand out. The slightest mistake could waste time, energy and good plans. But do not worry, even if you’re new to the dating app. We will see in detail how Tinder works to use it wisely.

A Definitive Guide: How does Tinder Work?

How to install Tinder and create your account

Let’s start from the beginning: how to start Tinder on your Android Smartphone or iPhone. This first step is only a formality. nothing complicated.

The first step is to have a Facebook account, because the social network is necessary for the operation of Tinder. Through Facebook, the app will scan profiles and then retrieve photos. This will also allow Tinder to enter information to highlight the tastes and friends you share with other members. This information may prove invaluable to hang girls on Tinder and fuel the conversation. If you do not have a Facebook account yet, you must create one. If not, go to the next step.

Go to Google Play or your App Store (if you have an Android or iOS), then locate and install Tinder.
Finally, launch the app by logging into Facebook. It’s just as fast as the previous steps.

That’s it, you can start usingTinder!

Create a good Tinder profile

We are entering an important stage here. The functioning of Tinder depends on 2 factors: the usability of the app and the results it brings. If the first works but the other gives nothing, we say that Tinder does not work, since it brings no results. For this second factor, let’s start by building a good profile. All specialists online dating will tell you: the profile is fundamental. It must be well configured.

Three Tinder profile examples for women.

How To Use Tinder

Profile Photos

The first element to heal is the photo registry. It’s sort of like “dressing up” the Tinder account. Photos on dating sites are as important as the clothes on Saturday night nightclub! You want to expose images on which you are well dressed, well coiffed, under your best profile. Once registered, Tinder will suggest you to recover the photos already uploaded on your Facebook to install them on your profile. You can arrange the order, add or delete as you wish.

The main profile photo in Tinder

The first picture is the “Cover” of your profile. As for a book, we will be interested in content only if it is beautiful and intriguing. Be sure to put the best picture you have available.

Your Tinder Profile photo must be :

  • Excellent quality (neither pixelated nor fuzzy or dark);
  • It must put you to your advantage, capture your best profile;
  • You must be well dressed on it;
  • If possible be in an intriguing environment. In the middle of an orchestra, at the top of a monument, or whatever, rather than in front of a white background. This will suggest additional information about you (you may be a musician, a speaker, you travel a lot …)

Without this first picture, the app will never work as you expect. It takes a good first photo to optimize the smooth operation of Tinder. At least its operation in terms of result.

The other photos

The other photos serve to reinforce the first good impression given by the first. It is as if the front of a restaurant gave you the idea to go maybe to dine there, but that by approaching you find the lousy interior and the card without interest. You will leave immediately …However, if the interior decoration appeals to you, it will accentuate your desire to enter it. Similarly for the dishes offered. These are small elements that, added to each other, make you decide to go further. Tinder’s operation is identical. The additional photos will be used to raise the Buying Temperature. After a first scan from the first picture, the girls will make a second from the additional photos and the written presentation.

The best is to have:

  • Images that puts your physical assets in value (if you have …);
  • And another half that under-communicates that you have a quality lifestyle.
  • A shirtless selfie in the locker room of your gym can show you “physically”. But do not say anything interesting about your lifestyle or your personality.
  • A picture where you can be identified just enough to identify you, who shows you in a favorable environment – skydiving, at the top of the Empire State Building, etc. – on the other hand will demonstrate a strong social value, which is more important. If you can have the 2 in one on each photo, it’s even better!

Solution to No Matches on Tinder Problem

What to do i you have no Tinder Matches

What to do when you don’t have enough Tinder Matches? We must distinguish two concepts on Tinder: the “Like” and the “Match”. The like is when you validate the profile of a girl you like. For this, simply slide your finger to the left. And when there is reciprocity, that is to say, a girl you have liked to like you in return, there is Match. To get matches, it’s simple: just like all the girls you like and leave your profile and the chance to do the rest. There are two things to emphasize.

  • Many profiles are not consulted by their owner.
  • Users are often overloaded with Like.

All is not just a question of profit attractiveness. Luck also comes into play.

From now on, this luck can be greatly accentuated by:

  • Super Like – “priority” likes that take you to the top of the list
  • The paid version of Tinder, which allows you to send several Super likes a day, as well as Like in unlimited quantity.

How Tinder discussion works

Finally, if you get a match with a girl, a new feature will unlock, allowing you to chat with it. There, you could tell that it’s in your pocket …But, beware: winning a battle is not winning the war! Before convincing her to go further with you, you will need to be original and finesse.

Because indeed, the quantity of men is such that even having reached the stage of the match you will have to pass another curtain of filtration. The girls will never have time to see all the guys with a good profile, or even those who start the conversation badly! Therefore, after (1) having done lots of like and getting matches, you will need (2) an effective catch and a good seduction game to extract the girls from the virtual discussion on Tinder and meet them in the real life.

Tinder Online Dating Site : web version for PC and Mac

Already spending too much time on Tinder? It is not ready to change with Tinder Online: soon, you will be able to swipe, match and see strangers from your mobile AND your computer. We say thank you who?

Tinder tests web version for computers PC and Mac

After wisely excluding minors, and integrating transgender people into its application, Tinder turns to the helpless of the smartphone, the orphans of 4G, the prisoners of the open space, in short: those who spend more time on their computer than on their mobile phone.

The mobile application launches “Tinder Online”, its web version for desktop. The new platform will soon be available worldwide.

Reach more people in more places

But it is very good this app, will you tell me, why to double it with a desktop version? Privileged that we are thinking so. Think of the poor students stuck in class, the smartphone wisely stowed in the coat pocket. Think of office workers, gloated by their superior at every glance outside of their computer screen. Think finally of those who have more space available on their phone, or just no 4G. Nobody wants to wait 10 minutes to see a photo and know which side to Swipe.

Launching a desktop version of Tinder was not easy: it was necessary to integrate the ancient codes and rustic habits of people who still surf the Web from their computer.

“Our DNA is mobile-bound, so we had to learn to build something for a bigger screen,” said Brian Norgard, product manager at Tinder. “It was a real challenge: when you start as a mobile app, building for the web gives the impression of walking upside down.”

In the end, it seems that the web version is even more practical than the application, especially for very, very active users.

How Tinder Online Works

To swipe right and love the profile, a slight movement of the mouse to the right. Same for the left side. By clicking on the profile, the details of the person appear. When you finally “match” with someone, a button immediately proposes to write to the person. In short, simple as hello.

We feel that some very involved users will handle this as leaders.

Small advice anyway: do not put Tinder Online in full screen, at the risk of you grilling through the entire auditorium or your chef.

Paid versions of Tinder

Tinder is available in 3 versions: the free version and the paid versions, Tinder Plus and the famous Tinder Gold. I of course thoroughly tested the 3 varieties.

Difference between Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold

The free version

Certainly the most popular! It allows us to scan a certain number of profiles, to set the cursor distance up to 160 km from the place where we are and gives us a super like a day. This will allow the person to see that you liked his profile.

The Tinder Plus version

Here, everything is unlimited or almost! “Swipe” as much as it sings to you (do not forget to eat, because one can quickly become addict). You have the opportunity to move anywhere in the world with the Passport function. So you can say you are physically in Paris and put New York if you like. In addition, you receive 5 super likes a day (blue star).

There is also the possibility to control some parameters like hiding your location and your age, indicate which people can see your profile (standard or those you liked), as well as the people you want to appear (by affinity or recent activity).

The screenshot does not show it, but you can turn off ads with the Tinder Plus feature. Also, if you have “swiped” too fast, you will have the opportunity to go back to cancel your action. Just click on the arrow. Finally, once a month, you have a “Boost” function. This allows you to put your profile forward for 30 minutes.

I will tell you later what I think, but do not use a Tuesday at 3am. He might not be very busy!

The Tinder Gold version

This will be the simplest paragraph in the history of blogging. Apart from the pretty name that we feel like part of a VIP circle, this Gold version takes exactly all the elements of the Plus version.

The only additional feature called “Likes”, includes people who have “liked you”. By clicking on them, you will be able to access their profile and decide to want to play or not. In this case, there are between 10 and 25 girls who liked my profile. The Gold version, unlike the other two, allows me to discover their identity.

Tinder Places

A new feature that will find a new bae more easily. Places is optional, users will be able to choose whether or not to activate it. You may choose to include or not certain places you have visited such as your bank or your doctor’s office. You will also be able to not specify how often you visit these places: no need to specify that you eat at McDonald’s several times a week.

Do you like bars, spinning classes and ramens? Now you can swipe with people who share the same interests as you. It will do you something in common and it’s mostly a good way to break the ice and start a conversation on your first date

Tinder Picks

Picks allows you to select profiles that share common interests with you in a wide range of affinities such as education level, job type, hobbies, etc. The app also highlights the most relevant features of the displayed profiles, making it easier for users to see who they would be more compatible with.

The picks are refreshed daily, but users will also be able to choose to see more – for an additional fee.

Tinder is thus getting closer to a traditional dating site style, in the sense that “Picks” allows to meet by having a database of information and research on people. Basically, the free service of the application offers to look at some photos, as well as a word of presentation, of a person before deciding whether we like it or not. In order to talk to someone we like, she must also have indicated her interest, a function that Tinder calls “swipe” for scanning.