Tinder Online

It’s now possible to find love on Tinder from your desktop PC with Tinder Online from any web browser. The principle stays the same. But will use your mouse to “swipe” left or right with the profiles displayed on the screen. Although not all the features of the mobile application are not yet integrated, it’s still be possible to send and receive messages with your matches via the integrated messaging app.

With this online version of Tinder dating site, We aim to help people who are struggling with the use of smartphones or less powerful phones. Tinder Online will also connect to the dating site even with a slow mobile connection. In addition, it is the ideal way to be able to find people near you taht you may likewhen you don’t have access to your smartphone or while at work.

Tinder, the simple and advanced dating site

A significant advantage of Tinder lies in its interface which is very simple and pleasant to use. For even more convenience, this dating site has an equally ergonomic mobile application that allows users to use Tinder’s features anywhere, anytime.

Find People you Like

Tinder helps its members find a person who cultivates common interests. Indeed, the site is in charge of identifying the common tastes and passions shared by its users from the profiles they have previously visited.

In this way, the members only have to visualize the “like” in common with the other profiles that correspond to their expectations.

A convenient location tracking function

Tinder offers a location tracking tool that allows its users to meet people in the immediate vicinity of their place of residence.

This feature makes it possible to define a precise perimeter to privilege the exchanges with profiles very close geographically.

How to signup for a Tinder Online Account

The first step to make when you want to join Tinder is to create and customize your profile.

Then the site proposes to establish research criteria such as sex, age, distance …

Once all this information is filled in, the user can discover profiles to which he will send a “like” if they arouse his interest. In the case of a “match”, ie a “like” reciprocal, the two users have the opportunity to dialogue.

It is possible to have multiple contacts with which members can share photos ephemeral. This feature, called “moments”, can receive “likes” from the contacts of the member who wishes to share this “moment”.

How to Use Tinder

Tinder is a free online dating site and application, very easy to use.
At registration, you just need to enter your preference criteria that you want to find in a person (age, sex …) and your geolocation. Then, Tinder offers you profiles corresponding most to what you are looking for, in other words matches.

At each profile you see, the user has the choice of Liker (like) or not the profile presented. Finally, if the affinity is reciprocal, a discussion can engage to get to know and organize a date.

How to Use Tinder without a Facebook Account?

Download the app to your Android or iOS or open Tinder site on your PC, then log in through your Facebook account. If you want to register without Facebook, enter your phone number, or link your Instagram account.

Note that linking your Facebook account to Tinder makes it easier to find matches, because the dating application will have access to certain information (studies, employment, friends …) and to your friends list, and will thus be able to offer you people sharing to common interests and friends. Also, you will not need to load more photos, since Tinder will use those saved on the social network. Then you must enter the age, gender and geographical position.

Now the cards are in your hands, all you have to do is press the green heart, or swipe (slide your finger) to the right, if you like the suggested profile. To reject it, press the red cross or swipe to the left.

Know that with Tinder, discretion is required, indeed every Like is secret.
How to know who liked your profile? The attraction must be mutual, in which case Tinder notifies you and offers you the option Send a message.

Also, if a match becomes too bulky, you have the option to block it. To put the most chances on your side, try to add information, a small description and your most beautiful shots.

We recommend that you turn on the Smart Photos feature. The latter is based on an algorithm that will measure the success of your photos with other users and highlight the best of them.

Super Like and Boosts

To get more games and help fate, Tinder developed Super Like and Tinder Boost.

If a profile is of interest to you, send a Super Like, press the blue shooting star or swipe up, and your target will be encouraged to visit your profile.

Use the Super Like wisely because, in its free version, it is offered to you only once every 12 hours.

Tinder Boost is a paid option. It allows you to promote your profile on the smartphone users in your area, for a period of 30 minutes.

A Boost costs 4,39 , you can also buy them in a batch of 10 (2,70 ). To make a boost, press the purple lightning.

Tinder Plus

Tinder Plus is a monthly payment feature, with tacit renewal. It offers several advantages, you will no longer have any advertising on your screen, you will receive a free boost per month and 5 Super Likes every 12 hours, instead of one.

With Tinder Plus, it is also the possibility to cancel a Like sent by mistake and to change your location. This is very handy if you are going on a weekend and want to continue meeting even in another city.

Finally, if you opt for Tinder Plus, you will be able to swipe without limit. The subscription is monthly and its price varies according to the age of the user. If you are over 25 years old, you will get 20.99 for a one-month subscription, and 8.75 for 12 months of commitment.

Tinder Gold

Tinder Gold is Tinder Plus with the option “Likes You”. This one reveals to you who secretly loved your profile.

To take advantage of Tinder Gold, you must have subscribed to Tinder Plus. Here again the price differs according to your age. If you are over the age of 25, the one-month subscription is € 30.99 and € 12.92 for 12 months.
Tinder online

You can use Tinder on your Android or iPhone, but also from your computer via its web browser version. The profile creation is identical to that on smartphone, link your Facebook account or fill in your phone number.

Tinder Online works the same way as the app but you will have access to fewer features.