7 Mistakes to Avoid on Tinder


Oh Tinder, The king of online dating, source of many love … With you, we do not get bored, better, we deceive his boredom! And in the end, even if we do not find love on the Internet, we have some incredible stories to tell at dinner parties. All because we’ve made some incredible surprises for any novice – in our first Tinder games. To seduce a love on the Internet, it’s not so complicated … But it learns (yes, it’s a job!).

Liking a guy who looks like a hottie … On his one photo

He has good-looking abs, a sulky pout and a bewitching look. Wow, this young man is a fighter plane. Enough to make you want to join the Air Force.

But why did he upload only one photo? He does not seem very shy about it … You like it without being asked.


Liking a guy who wears sunglasses on all his Tinder photos

He looks like a mysterious man, probably a fan of Bob Dylan and James Dean’s “The Fury of Life” era.

And then, even if his opaque glasses eat him three quarters of the face, he has a darn brilliant smile … In his overexposed photo in black and white. You like without being asked.

Why it’s a mistake: because once his mounts “Ray Ban Aviator” withdrawn, he does not have the same face at all. No more the same expression.

The charm, expression and personality are in the eye, not to neglect, therefore.
Reply to all (without exception)

You are surprised and even a little flattered to receive so many signs of attention from the male sex. You make it a point to answer them all, without exception, to thank them for their various requests.

Even when you do not see any possible future between you and him (even the space of a night of love is to say).

Why it’s a mistake: because the weather is nice, because you could do sports, go out with your friends, read a book … Your time is precious, so do not lose!


Accept a date directly

After asking you how your day was (kind) and asking you about the location of your home (more shady), this young man offers a first appointment.

Not insignificant detail: it is CANON. You are intoxicated by vanity, so you accept without asking for your rest.

Why it’s a mistake: because he has not offered you anything of his personality … If the date can be a pleasant surprise, it can just as easily turn to disaster (nothing to say, points of view completely opposite etc).

Directly revealing ALL your privacy

To the question “What are you doing in life? You feel yourself growing wings. After detailing your Linkedin profile and giving your Netflix password, your Tinder gentleman disappears to never reappear … Aie.

Why it’s a mistake: just like for the wrong profile, you never know who you’re dealing with (even when you have friends in common) and, most importantly, if you can trust him. A little mystery is needed.

Do not adjust the search features

Initially, you wade a little. You do not know how to adjust the search features … “54 km is not that much, if?”

And that’s how you find yourself switching men who do not live in your area at all or who have just reached the age of majority. Pity. Finding love on Tinder … Not today!

Why it’s a mistake: because being selective (and especially accurate) is the key to meeting a man on the Internet!

Liking your ex just to see if he likes you back

A pinch in the heart then an urge – irrepressible – that to like your ex to see if he does the same.

Why it’s a mistake: because you act without thinking, reflex and stress.