Apps Like Tinder: The Best Alternative Dating Apps to Tinder in 2019

If you are looking for alternatives to Tinder or alternatives to apps other than tinder then you are on the right page. If you’re tired of Tinder, you’re tired of paying for nothing, no meeting is on the horizon, you should read this article. We will offer you our comparison of the best dating app that will give you more matches than Tinder. If you like this publication, do not hesitate to share it with your friends.

Smartphones have taken control of our lives. Friends, parents, family members, literally everyone, we have become addicted to smartphones because of the Internet. Things are changing fast, and people are always looking for new, similar applications to replace those with whom they are angry.

Dating apps like Tinder Online are a good way to meet. But Tinder is not an app that everyone seems to enjoy. If you are one of them who has had a bad experience with Tinder and want to change, this article will definitely help you find an alternative to Tinder

We have selected the best apps similar to Tinder, alternatives for Android and iOS users.


Alternatives to Tinder


OKCupid is a dating application that is very similar to Tinder’s. You do not need to authenticate with your Facebook profile to use this application, which gives great security of use.

This application uses GPS so that it can find people around you who are looking to meet or a romantic partner. You can authenticate with your Instagram account if you want to publish more photos.

At first, he will ask you a lot of questions, only to find good matches with you. To find people, you can search on the widget located in the top bar of the application.

The user interface of the app is pretty impressive, but it’s not so intuitive as Tinder. The application displays the image of users at a much lower resolution giving it another point less, but you can see the big preview of the image by selecting “Great preview option”.

Overall, it’s a good alternative app to Tinder, available for both Android and iOS users.


Wondering why Happn is written instead of Happen? 100,000 people registered with the app in the first five weeks of its launch which gave it a good buzz.

The slogan of Happn is “find the people you meet”, which the app does very well in helping you discover other singles within a radius of 250 m.

To use Happn, you must link it to your Facebook account, but nobody will know it. After connecting Facebook to Happn, you must fill in the basic information of your profile and select the genre that interests you.

After that, you have to turn on the GPS, and it will show you the map and the people who have moved to your location. If you like what you see, then you like it.

If that person likes you too, you can start chatting with her. If you do not want to wait for the “mutual affinity”, then you can give a “crush” like “superlike”, if this person does not give sign, it is a definitive NO :).

However, the app is not popular in all countries, so there are certainly big drawbacks if you’re not in big cities, but other than that, it’s a good alternative to Tinder. This app is available for both Android and iOS users.


Weeple is one of the best alternative meeting apps in Tinder, it offers a more secure system because there is no Facebook authentication.

The principle of Weeple is simple, meet people “fun” and authentic, it goes without saying, but this application has all the assets and all the functionality to get there. Notably the creation of a GIF profile that makes the application really alive compared to others.

We have fun, we laugh, the interface is minimalist, fast and pleasant to use. We see immediately if people have the blues or joy of living. It’s pretty radical but effective.

Because the principle of a meeting application remains to gain time to meet people who correspond to us. The cat is cute, but sometimes the encounter in the real world can disappoint.

This application really offers a realistic approach to dating, without filters and without retouching. People who take full responsibility is why it is oriented more LBGT.

If you like someone on Weeple, you’ll love it 100% on your first date. Weeple is available for Android and iPhone users.


Bristlr was created by a software developer John Kershaw. The 28-year-old from Manchester said it was just for an app idea like that to mess up at first, but the app’s success has exceeded its expectations.

Bristlr is a place where you can find new people to meet you. The concept of this app is pretty new. Girls, if you’re looking for a man with a beard, this is the place to be. Only bearded men can join this app. Like Tinder, you can download images of yourself and communicate freely if the person likes your profile, meet you more easily via the messages if you are more interested.

It has a disadvantage because guys without a beard can not join this application because this application is totally dedicated to bearded guys and girls who like men with beards. So, buy hairs if you want to join the app or download other similar apps.

The app has logged more than 80,000 users, more than half a million messages sent and great popularity. A girl can give a note to the beards.

You will not get a good amount of match-ups like Tinder. However, it is a good application for a specific audience. This app is available for both Android and iOS users.

5. POF

Many use Tinder as a dating app. It is a popular app with millions of daily users. POF do not require any Facebook authentication. Just answer the question that is proposed to you and at the end, it suggests you to write your bio

You must complete your Biography, but be sure to use non-abusive language as it may result in delisting. You can find people online, by city, by new users, by friends based on your favorite settings.

You can send a message to someone without any prior process, making it a good flirt application. This app is available for free for Android and iOS users.


Coffee Meets Bagel is one of our first choice for apps like Tinder. Like Tinder, you need to login to Facebook to use this app, authentication is required.

After connecting to Facebook, the app will find a potential match with your profile and show you a Bagel. If you like this bagel, then you have to give it. However, to start the chat, it is necessary that both users give each other a bagel.

In this case, you are interested in meeting you, you can extend the discussion by 24 hours because at Coffee Meets, Bagel users must log in within 24 hours otherwise the application will remove the bagel suggestion, and find a new one for you.

The mechanism of this application is very interesting. In addition, chat messages only exist for a week before the messages disappear forever. Now it could be a bad thing, but if you’re really interested, you can trade your numbers directly instead of wasting time.

Some additional features can be unlocked by collecting beans. To collect beans, you must invite people to join this app using your referral link.

This app is available for free for Android and iOS users.

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