How does Tinder Work

The strength of Tinder is to come up with very good quality profiles, and this very frequently. Is Tinder’s operation able to detect if a profile is attractive to present it? Know that this is the case and that it goes even further!

Tinder’s algorithm is much more complex than it seems at first sight, its knowledge will allow you to significantly increase your results on the application and thus to increase your number of match. That’s why today we deliver to you in detail how Tinder works.

Learn how Tinder algorithm works to make more matches

1. Increase your number of matches by paying attention to your Tinder profile

Tinder has something addictive. Sometimes we just log in to see the latest messages sent by our games and we have a sudden urge to like new profiles.

Why that ?

From my point of view, there are two explanations:

  • Tinder presents us attractive profiles, so we want to have this pretty girl in match
  • Tinder presents the profiles of our potential matches as a priority.

This second point is fundamental in the operation of Tinder.

Indeed, the fact of being able to match after a few likes encourages us to continue, while we would stop quickly if nothing happened! Well having in mind this mode of operation is essential if you want to increase your number of games on the application.

Imagine what would happen if our potential match was in 153rd position: the probability of linking the 2 profiles would be almost zero and the number of interactions much more limited than it is currently. And that’s what makes Tinder work so well!

Our advice:

To increase your number of matches, be less selective about the first profiles presented to you by Tinder. If users have liked your profile in your absence, then they will be almost always proposed in your first results. Liker the first profiles that are offered by Tinder will allow you to increase your number of matches.

2. Force Tinder to present your profile as a priority – make it more attractive

This point is obvious: it is necessary to have an attractive profile to please girls. This point is even more important online where it is he who gives the first impression. But even more here, considering how Tinder works, having an attractive profile is essential.

In everyday life, a profile deemed ugly for 99.99% of girls can expect to meet a pretty girl. For that, it is enough that he makes acquaintance with this girl who finds attractive.

On Tinder, as we will show you below, the probability that these 2 people meets is almost zero.

Tinder assigns you a score according to the attractiveness of the profiles

Tinder is able to present attractive profiles at very high frequency. This is of course due, among other things, to the large number of users present on the application. However, it is not possible that only attractive people are connected permanently.

Tinder thus favors in a certain way profiles considered “attractive”. Tinder uses this note to present attractive profiles as a priority. Once this score is awarded, the most “attractive” profiles are presented as a priority.

By doing so, they are viewed a lot more times than a profile deemed less attractive. Tinder thus gives the impression of constantly having a very large quantity of quality profiles.

In the example given above, 99.99% of girls found the profile lousy, thus affecting an attractiveness score of 0.01%.

This profile will be very little presented by Tinder and it will have almost no chance to be seen by the girl to whom it would like.

The probability that this profile finds its soulmate on Tinder is very low.

Our advice:

We can not stress enough the importance of having a great profile on Tinder or any online dating site. Take the time necessary to select the photos you present.

The example given above is extreme. However, it must be remembered that the balance of power over Tinder is in favor of women. It is not uncommon to have to like dozens (see hundreds for men who have a bad profile) of girls before getting a match. This leads to a very common habit: like almost all profiles!

3. Select the profiles you like carefully

Despite the multitude of profiles, we often face the hard reality of the display. However, you should not use this default strategy. Remember the previous paragraph: potential matches are presented first.

By doing so, you no longer choose who you will be presented with priority. Thus, with equal attractiveness, you will be more likely to be presented to profiles of your choice by liking a limited number of profiles.

However, do not fall into the opposite extreme. A too selective user will not be an interesting profile for the application except if it is extremely attractive. Also, remember that it takes on average several dozens of profiles to get a match (for a man). Being overly selective will diminish your chances of success.

Our advice:

Take the time to look at the profiles and select the ones you really like. Be selective also in your search criteria:

  • Do not put an age too far away from yours: the probability of matching a 25-year-old girl by 50 is very low
  • Do not change the distance for the default search to 80 km. Few users do it. Take advantage of the trip via the Tinder Plus feature or by using Fake GPS (free).

4. Use the app actively

Many people arrive daily on Tinder but many also leave the application “progressively” always having their account active.

Thus during searches, it is possible to find profiles connected 2 months ago. However, this is relatively rare because Tinder does not display these profiles as a priority and favors recent activities. This makes it possible to keep a database of profiles relatively up to date and to increase the quality of the application.

In the case of intensive research over a period, these profiles are however presented in order to continue to offer choice to users. The probability of a match is then very low

Also note some additional points that I have not checked personally but that I suspect Tinder to use in his algorithm:

  • The number of interactions with his matches: the more you discuss and exchange with your matches, the more Tinder will favor your profile.
  • The profile activity facebook, number of friends …: the more your facebook profile is dynamic and attractive, the more it will be privileged.
  • The quality of profiles that you find attractive: when you play with a profile of high quality, your profile receives a bonus and is presented as a priority which significantly increases your number of games.

Our advice:

When you have decided to put yourself on the app, log in there regularly to check if you have matches and to do some likes. Do not just like to match but launch interactions once the affinity is created (that’s the goal!).

5. Keep a fresh Tinder profile

To encourage newcomers to stay on the app, Tinder favors new profiles. In the same way, when you arrive in a new place, your profile is again strongly presented. Helping you in both of these cases helps Tinder constantly bring new profiles to these users.

Our advice:

The multi-account is limited by Facebook, do not hesitate to delete your account Tinder to recreate it to appear new! Take this opportunity to refresh your photos. Before doing this, think about finding another way of communicating with your most interesting matches! Similarly, move regularly in person, or through the app.

To conclude

Now that you know the key rules for Tinder, you can maximize your chances by following a few simple tips. Remember:

  • make your profile as attractive as possible.
  • be selective so that your profile is presented first to the people of your choice.
  • be active on the app when you decide to use it.
  • refresh your profile by changing locations or recreating your account.
  • pay special attention to the profiles presented first and be less selective about them.

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