Mobile Dating Apps are Promoting Social Diversity!

Online dating apps also have benefits: they promote the creation of mixed couples.
Dating apps are not so bad!

You were recently told that couples who have met on the internet usually have relationships (and marriages) that last longer than those of other couples. Another good side of dating apps is that they promote social mix!

Indeed apps like Tinder or Adopt a guy allow a mix of people in society. What to change the minds of those who still do not believe in relationships that begin online!

According to a recent American study, online apps encourage the rise of mixed marriages. By mixed marriage is meant, of course, marriages between two beings of different nationality. In France, for example, there were 27% of mixed marriages in 2015.

But by mixed marriage, one can also understand marriage between two people of different social classes, or of a different age group.

Before the arrival of the internet, couples met mainly through friends, or at work. But now online dating ends the distance. No matter where you are, you can create links. And more, if affinity … Even alone at home, you can meet your soul mate. This is the advantage of the internet.

Thanks to dating apps, the dating network becomes as vast as … the world. Quite simply. Provided, of course, to master a language other than French.
Internet vs. Reality

The internet space is now in real life. In fact, individuals who talk to each other via the internet often end up seeing each other in real life. And that often leads to romantic relationships! And last, in addition.

According to one study, online dating sites are the second most common way to meet someone, when you are a single heterosexual. In the case of single homosexuals, this is the first way!

According to American researchers, the increase in mixed marriages almost corresponds to the creation of new sites such as Tinder or Meetic.

We leave you this diagram, to see for yourself!

There are about 100 million users on Tinder, and 12 million matches a day. There must be some successes, after all!