The Most Desirable Job Titles on Tinder

Who would’ve believed that? Users who train to meet the love of friendship are active in business development and marketing.

Business developer: the profession allows women to get maximum votes on the application of Tinder. Less surprising: in the second place of the sexiest jobs for women as a ski instructor.

In the register of mythical occupations, stewardesses retain their power of seduction by ranking eleventh. Marketing professions are also very popular. Marketing project managers (8th), product managers (14th), marketing assistants (15th) come to the fore, along with catering trades as waitresses and sous-chefs.

These results come from a survey conducted in France during the last quarter, by the world giant Tinder, reports Thus, some trades operate as massive weapons of seduction and make it possible to obtain a maximum of “slips” to the right, this sliding of the right which makes it possible to choose or not a profile. If two potential partners are blindly selected, Tinder establishes a “match” and puts the two people in direct contact.
Stewards more in demand than CEOs

In men, the most sought-after job is that of steward. Women prefer arts-related professions such as models (4th), designers (7th), actors (9th) and creative directors (10th). Unlike creative ideas. CEOs rank fifth only, followed by managers (6th) and store managers (8th). While these professions represent safety, there is again thirty years, pharmacists (14th) and doctors (15th) plummet their pedestal for the benefit of trades in the era of time.

The most requested trades on the Swiss market are not the most attractive for the opposite sex. According to the survey, the most sought-after professionals are first and foremost skilled workers, including electricians, carpenters, welders and masons. These trades occupy the first place in the ranking for seven years. Then come the executives and business leaders, then the staff of the hotel and catering and sales managers. Mechanical, electrical and civil engineering engineers are also currently lacking.