Tinder Online : Swipe Anywhere on any Web Browser for PC and MAC

Swipe, swipe, swipe … That’s what Tinder is, the mobile application at least. Right, left, up or down, no matter the direction, the gesture is present and important. Only, Tinder will make some infidelities to mobile and intends to move its dating business to the computer world via Tinder Online.

Tinder Online : Web Version for PC

Tinder Online “, a web version of its dating service, working on the same model as its mobile applications.

The portal, which can only be connected using its Facebook credentials, allows to slide through the mulot photos of other hearts to take.

On the big screen, Tinder also promises to make messaging easier to access, the interface is otherwise close enough to the one that are familiar to mobile platform users of the platform.

With Tinder Online, the application switches to computer, losing the geolocation, touch and mobile – and becoming (even more) boring.

How Tinder Online Works

Tinder Online, a version of its service accessible directly via an Internet browser. Designed, according to the specialized website, for “users in emerging markets with limited storage capacity on their phone”, the computer version will still require you to connect to Facebook for use, and the interface will be familiar. Except that this time, geolocation will not be mandatory – you will probably have to indicate where you are – the swipe of the end of the index will be replaced by a mouse drag and drop and some modifications have been made by Tinder for optimize on-screen viewing, such as the ability to view the profile of your match while you chat with.

Clearly, a version of Tinder stripped of its unique advantages: mobility, intuitiveness of the swipe, and geolocation. Knowing that the application is used mainly when we have nothing better to fuck (in the subway, in a queue, waiting for the bus, etc.), it is hard to see who will take the trouble to monopolize its screen for the sole use of Tinder without immediately losing any self-esteem.

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