Ways to Make a Good Tinder Profile

You registered on Tinder to meet someone, but you do not get any Match? To be successful on the app, here’s how to edit your profile.

Joining Tinder is a first step to maximize your chances of meeting someone and not ending your single life. But whether you’re here for one-night shots or for a more serious relationship, the next step is inevitably to get a “Match”. And for that, there are some rules to follow to be successful and get more “matches”.


How to create a good Tinder profile to get more Matches

The most important thing to do is to have a good Tinder profile on the dating app. And how? By applying these few tips.

1. Start by putting beautiful pictures of yourself on your profile

The first step is to sort your photos in your smartphone and Facebook to select only those where you are most to your advantage. For example, those where you smile, where you are on vacation with the tanned complexion, and where you are not taken too close or too far in a big group.

The majority of people on Tinder “Swipe” left very quickly, without even reading the bio, so you have only a small second to convince. That’s why the first picture that others see on your profile is by far the most important one, the one you need to heal the most. If you do not know which first photo to put on your profile, there is a precious tool that will decide for you automatically according to a very specific algorithm: “Smart Photos”. By checking this option on your profile (see photo opposite), Tinder will test all your photos permanently and select the best photo to display first. In other words, the one that will be most likely to be appreciated by others, and therefore to collect more “matches”.

2. Complete the school and professional information correctly

This is the second step, and not least. You have to fill in the boxes “Job Title”, “Company” and “Training”. In the first, simply indicate the job you do. In the second, the box for which you work and in the third the school where you studied. We advise you to complete these data correctly by indicating the truth. Firstly because people who work as “secret agent” for “CIA” or “intergalactic traveler” in “space-time”, it is seen and reviewed and especially arched null. This gives the impression that you are sorely lacking in humor and maturity. Secondly, it’s something you will not have to tell your “Match” Tinder – no one is there to talk about boring stuff. And thirdly because your work can work in your favor: who would not want to “Matcher” with a good doctor or with a physiotherapist who does incredible massages?

3. Add an original text in the bio

In the About Me section, you have 500 characters to drag a comment. Good advice: do not fall into the cliché and drop the “travel, food, sport, party, shopping”. Because you know deep inside you that everyone does these things, you did not invent anything. Also avoid indicating all the languages ​​you speak, it gives you the image of someone in dog, ready to dredge anyone in any language. Philosophical quotes are also seen and seen. Nobody also wants to know your size and weight: we are not at the medical visit. Even less to read catchphases of beaufs like “Between you and me, it will be the canicul”, or always the same ones “One will say to your parents that one met elsewhere than on Tinder”. Be brief, make sure to pique curiosity while feeding a little mystery. You can read here some examples of original bio.

4. Synchronize your Instagram and Spotify accounts

Both make the most of the options available to you. If someone is interested in your photos, it is likely that he will then take a look at your profile to find more information about you. Synchronizing your Instagram account allows the other to have a better overview of you (but be careful to find you on Facebook too). And synchronizing your Spotify account allows you to get an idea of ​​your musical tastes, just make sure that it is not an annoying playlist that appears.

5. Change your Tinder settings

Now is the time to complete the search options in the settings. The location is automatically based on your current position, but if you want to be able to access a wide range of pretenders, it is better to position the cursor of the maximum distance as far as possible to the right. Especially if you live in a village lost in the depths of Wallonia, you do not risk falling on great-world by indicating only ten kilometers. Unless you’re ready to hit you 50 pins to find the soul mate.

Same thing for the age group, favors an age scale rather than a single age. If you want to “pecho” a maximum, you will have more chances in raking the 24-28 years, for example, rather than targeting only 25-year-olds.

Last tip, make sure that the button “View my profile on Tinder” is activated, otherwise your profile will not appear in the Stack of the app and will not be visible to other users. That would be a shame!

6. Last tip: the dictionary is your friend

Pay great attention to your spelling, both in your bio and when talking with your match. Similarly, forget the “lol”, “mdr”, “ptdr”, “xD” and we pass. You have to look both seductive and intelligent.
Congratulations, It’s a Match!

Great, you’ve applied all these tips to the letter and you finally met with lots of people. But beware, a “Match” does not necessarily mean a future love conquest. The road ahead is still long. You must now take your courage in both hands and go talk to one of these people. For this, there are some catch phrases to avoid if you do not want to take a wind. We strongly advise you to check them here. On the contrary, these original catchphrases (to be read here) work and will certainly lead to an answer.

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